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3 Ways to Make Money From Snapchat

make money from snapchat
Written by Danial Khawaja

Millions of people are using Snapchat now to share pictures, creating videos , drawing & live video chat to connect with friends. More over Snap chat is being used for make money also. Well there’s really 3 ways to make money with snapchat.

3 Ways To Make Money From Snapchat:

1.Sell Products:

The first way is to just get on there and sell people stuff tell them you have a product which you want to sale it. Tell them you have a YouTube channel and you want them to go watch your video they go to or Barnes and and please download it you can basically just get in and sell people’s stuff.

2.Sell Your Audience:

The second way is to sell your audience what I mean is you have a certain number of people who watch
your Snapchat channel you have a certain number of views people who enjoy what you do and say well those people are valuable to somebody else a brand another Snapchatter somebody who’s building an account and you can lease or sell them your audience basically say hey I will share a message with my audience if you give me some money or I will interview you about your new product or just feature your new product on my Snapchat channel if you give me money it’s the same way radio broadcasters and TV stations and been working really since the dawn of time. Advertisers will come to us and say hey help me to sell my cars etc. Everybody needs something to sell so they come to us the influencers the broadcasters who have built up that audience.

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3.Sell Your Snapchat Knowledge:

The third way to make money from Snapchat is to teach people how to make money with Snapchat. Snapchat is so new that everybody’s looking up for a how-to instructional course or some kind of consultant you don’t know how many keynotes I give just on Snapchat alone.  People want to know about all kinds of social media Twitter, Instagram etc , now the number one thing everybody wants to know about is Snapchat if you know a little bit about it odds are you’re an expert compared to somebody else. People will hire you to teach them about Snapchat teach them about marketing with Snapchat the more you know about something the more of an expert you become the more people will seek out your expertise and you can then share, sell rent & give them that knowledge. Download Snapchat and start selling it on day one you’ve got to build up trust and you do that again by creating great content that is valuable to your audience make sure you know your audience.  So there we go three ways to make money from Snapchat share & comment below if you like my article.


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